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Monday, October 13, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Quotes

I've been doing some light reading today and I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes with you.  

"But who today understands what the prophets foretold? Why, only the ministers today whose word comes to pass!-those who are appointed and guided by God to preach the truth! Those whose utterances do not come to pass have not spoken the prophecies truly. We give you here the record of what we have been proclaiming for the past 2 years-a message which no other voices, to our knowledge, have been proclaiming.... But what we have been warning you about is happening!-precisely as we have stated.... This is how you can know that our work is not of men but of God!" 
(The Plain Truth, Dec. 1956, p. 3.)

"There is no other church or work on the face of this earth that either understands or dares to proclaim these vital warnings!... This is the very Work of God!... You are now being warned!" 
(The Plain Truth, Roderick Meredith, Aug. 1957, p. 6.)

"We have been daring, as no other church on earth, to proclaim definite, specific prophetic events to occur-and they have been happening!... For the specific prophesied events which this Church alone proclaims will soon be demonstrated as a physical reality! There will be no reasoning or argument about this. You will see and feel these things happen!" 
(The Plain Truth, Rod Meredith, June 1959, p. 32.)

"It doesn't take an understanding of certain 'Bible doctrine,' or necessary agreement with it, to admit to yourself candidly that what Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was faithfully proclaiming back before, during and right at the close of World War II, and what he and others who have since come to join him in this great work of God have been proclaiming day in and day out ever since-is actually happening before your very eyes!" 
(The Plain Truth, Ted Armstrong, Nov. 1962, p. 21.)

"We do not set dates!... Yet in our human zeal and enthusiasm for getting this greatest mission on earth done, we have a few times come close to it or appeared to-and that we deeply regret...if we...appear to set a date, I feel I do not need to apologize!" 
(Tomorrow's World, Herbert Armstrong, Feb. 1972, p. 31.)

"[We prophesied in] fifteen years the U.S.A. will no longer be a nation, and 15 years has come and gone. Was that a mistake or not? Yes!"
(Garner Ted Armstrong - speaking at a ministerial conference, January 1974)

(DEU. 18: 20-2220 But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.’ 21 And if you say in your heart, ‘How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?’— 22when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.

Bill Hughes assembled these for us and I simply cherry-picked (d'oh!) these certain ones to post here for you because of their hard-hitting nature.


The Third Witness said...

Here is Mr. Armstrong’s own advice about how to discern who the modern false prophets are:

“Listen, my friends, God gives you one little test. If a man uses the prophecies of God to foretell events before they happen and then it happens, you know that that man is a minister sent from God. But if they can’t do it and the thing they prophesied never comes to pass, then you know that God didn’t send them.”

—Herbert W. Armstrong, The World Tomorrow broadcast, May 9, 1979 (“Sermon on the Mount, continued”)

Listen to it for yourself, and be sure to check both the immediate context (the sections preceding and following this excerpt) and the full context (the whole broadcast), if you’re interested. The recording is freely available at various places on the Internet.

xHWA said...

hoo wee, Third Witness... that's good stuff!

You know I'm interested! I intend to listen to that today.

xHWA said...

You know what else catches my eye about this? They claimed the WCG alone was proclaiming those things about 1975 in prophecy. Well, that was an outright falsehood! It is openly known that the Jehovah's Witnesses were preaching much the same thing!!