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Monday, January 5, 2009

Ron Weinland on Government

These words were from a man few would recognize. It goes pretty well in line with my previous article where Herbert Armstrong declared the very governmental structure of the Worldwide Church of God to be none other than the Image of the Beast of Revelation.

This post is going to be a tad more negative than what you're used to here, but I feel in the mood to hold a person to his own standards.
I would submit for your inspection evidence that in all ways Ronald Weinland is like his mentor, and if anyone will call Ron Weinland a false prophet, false apostle, Christ monger, hypocrite, flip-flopper, or any other such thing, then they must in kind use the exact same measure on the other.

"Brethren can become quite confused when they begin listening to all the different ideas about government put forth by competing organizations. Who is right? Where is God? Is God as divided as it would appear when listening to so many conflicting views on the subject? And after all, doesn't each organization believe it has the best structure, or even the only correct structure?

"Some believe organization or government is all about the proper structure. The pendulum swings far and wide on this subject. On one end we are told that only one man can be at the top in a kind of hierarchy, while at the other end it is claimed that such structure is of Satan, of the gentiles, or the way of the Nicolaitans. And between these two is another great smorgasbord. Where is God in all this?

"Is God's government established upon rank, administrative structure or control? Some seem to think so. Do such things produce the fruits of unity and closeness God desires in His family? Obviously not!

"Any government or organization (corporation) is only as good as the integrity and morality of those who administer it and submit to it. 

"As a case in point, it might be good to comment on the obsession with the name Philadelphia. Many want to see themselves as Philadelphian, because they believe it sounds so good. ... Bearing the name of a Philadelphian is not nearly as high a commendation as what God said to some in Thyatira: "I know your works, love [agape], service, faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first" (Revelation 2:19, NKJ).

"If ministers and brethren use biblical terminology to jockey for position, despising those whom they see as inferior, is it any wonder people have strayed so far from understanding what the gospel message is all about? 

"Those are powerful words! Do you understand the depth and beauty of what they say? Can you discern such love? To do so demands a close relationship with God, being truly yielded to Him in genuine humility--by God living in us. Too many people in God's Church have allowed His love to wax cold in their lives. The result is the growing confusion over organization and government that we see today."

I should remind everyone that this was published less than one year before the time when RW started prepping his Toledo, Ohio congregation to accept him as sole possessor of authority and master of top-down government. He took over the church board, disfellowshipping them, and expelled many of the congregation in February 2000. (Check out the fabulous and improved timeline over at Don't Drink the Flavor Aid for more details.) 
I conclude, therefore, that he knew he was being deceptive when he penned it, and did so merely to throw off suspicions.

Oh how the mighty have fallen...
Sick, sick, sick.

**See my next post on Quotations from the Hypocrypha for more of this sort of thing.


xHWA said...

What a difference a decade makes, eh?

Raccoon said...

Wait...Ron Weinland is one of the "Witnesses" isn't he?

Why isn't he using the power granted to him to blast those documents from the internet? Think about it, those documents he wrote a decade ago are "attacking" him now, shouldn't fire issue from his mouth to consume these "enemies"?

Oh that's right, he could only do something like that if he was actually who he says he is.

He certainly seems to be the poster child for hubris run amok.

Byker Bob said...

I'm no doctor, but this would seem to suggest some sort of psychotic break.


xHWA said...

He does seem so, Raccoon.

For months I have pondered if he has fallen for his own lies, or if he is a con man. Before the first Great FAIL, I pitied him. Now that he continues on, I feel he is a huckster. Such a shame.
Either way, this is a man that desperately needs prayers that he should come to his senses.

I noticed that while reading his News Watches, I could see him deteriorate. They were so different in the beginning. And I also saw the seeds for what he now preaches planted in those words. It was so odd. I can't wait to be done with this project. It makes me so very uncomfortable.

xHWA said...

I would love to know the truth, Bob. I think he needs some serious help.
It's like helping someone trapped in a harmful religion, though. How do you help someone who either doesn't realize they need help, or doesn't want to be helped? The only thing I can think of is prayer!

I officially ask everyone who is so inclined to ask for God's help on Ron's behalf, especially for the good of his followers.