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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quotations from the Hypocrypha

Most of you have probably never heard of Ron Weinland's former publication "News Watch". He started to put these out years ago when he was still in the UCG. I had totally forgotten about them. Mike from Don't Drink the Flavor Aid helped me stumble across these again.

Here are a few selections to show the difference between Ron Weinland of 1999, and Ron Weinland of 2009. The differences are so striking to me, that I have dubbed his collective publications, "The Hypocripha". I had originally put these up as comments on my last post, but I thought they would be easier for everyone to access if they were here.

The larger point I'm hammering away at is that this is exactly the same thing that Herbert Armstrong did. If RW is such and such a person, then so is HWA, because they are both the same! Yet so many people see RW for what he is, and still give HWA a pass. This astounds me. It's a complete double standard. They still say (and this is a recent quote I received from a minister), "if any man today was found to be guilty of what David did that they would be rejected as a servant of God as well." Incredible! The lengths to which people will go to reason around what they don't want to accept. If that's how this minister honestly feels, then he should completely accept RW as a servant of God. That's not gonna happen.

Shall we begin?

[God's government] is not about rank or position, but a matter of serving and giving. That is spiritual!"
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", July 1998

"The ministry has fallen back into the old, comfortable administrative style learned in WCG. Such administration is rarely one of shepherding, but of control, manipulation, politics and lethargy, all of which has been hard on God's people. ... The blindness within the ministry is so great that many elders will not have the remotest idea what I am talking about. But there are humble, faithful brethren who do know and see clearly what is being said."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", July 1998

Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy!
Those 'humble, faithful brethren' are here, reading this, and seeing through RW like so much glass.

RW quotes Eze. 13: 8-10 and then says,
"These words should be intently sobering when one considers how we in the ministry can go about building a structure after the image we once knew [meaning the WCG] and do so to the neglect of so many of God's people who have been scattered or lost. And when flaws in the structure are pointed out, every effort is made to secretly cover those flaws as hurriedly as possible, making declarations about false accusers or attacks from Satan. The flaws and weaknesses are denied by declaring stability, growth and the need to go forward doing God's work."
"Sometimes it is hard for God's people--especially within the ministry--to see themselves realistically. We seem to believe we cannot be in error if we are His people, especially if we are His ministers. But God gives warnings to His people and to His ministers."
"We need to be jolted by the reality that we will reap what we sow, not deceiving ourselves that we are somehow exempt from judgment simply because we bear God's name. We must not deceive ourselves by thinking we are special as His ministers and somehow bear no accountability."
"Continuing with "business as usual" or total denial of our problems will only bring swift punishment."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", July 1998

"We have not done well in this regard, often failing to love others ... as we should. This simply reflects the state of dysfunction in many spiritual lives, which means we really are not as spiritual as we think we are. A major part of the problem is that we do not tend to see ourselves realistically. Therein comes the"denial."
The ability to see oneself realistically --as God sees us-- is a matter of the spirit, His spirit. It is only natural or carnal for us to deny our true spiritual state. It is a normal consequence of man's selfish nature to "pass the buck" concerning personal responsibility and to also deny ones own culpability."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", August 1998

Wait a minute here... are we to believe that hearing voices and declaring ones self the One Witnesses is being realistic?

"[Some ministers] are trying to strengthen their hold on the congregations they are supposed to be "serving and leading," instead of "ruling and controlling!"
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", August 1998

"Brethren are becoming easy prey to charlatans, false ministers, and crackpots who are only making merchandise of them. One of the primary purposes of News Watch is to warn brethren and expose these kinds of dangers to God's scattered flock."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", August 1998

HA!! Is this a joke??

"[Ministers] often fail to grasp that their own practices have spawned a great deal of the adverse reaction and heightened sensitivities"
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", Oct/Nov 1998

"ministers focus on themselves and all the work they are doing to build up themselves and the organization they serve. They make great plans for the future and try to get others to focus on those dreams."
"Yes, the ministry has been turning inward. Many are concerned about job security and retirement. As a result, compromise subtly encroaches on sound standards of shepherding, integrity, moral leadership, faithful administration, and sound-mindedness. Self-preservation, control, compromise, and other sins become the norm and cannot be recognized nor admitted because sin leaves one groping in the dark. Ministers get caught up in petty jealousies, worrying about brethren listening to other ministers (even within their own organizations). They become territory conscious and numbers conscious, all out of selfish gain."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", Oct/Nov 1998

I feel this completely applies to RW's current self.

"The environment in some church corporations makes [looking to God first and foremost] almost impossible to achieve because their structures require a kind of allegiance that is actually spiritual idolatry."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", Oct/Nov 1998

Look to "2008 God's Final Witness", (or "Mystery of the Ages"), not the Bible! (He says sarcastically.)

"But the sad reality is that too many ministers abuse their power, control and manipulate brethren..."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", Oct/Nov 1998

Right! And RW's one of 'em.

"Sad to say, we find many within the scattered organizations who are coming to the defense of 'the church of their choice,' justifying and excusing the errors, false teachings, unrighteous behavior, and corruption of some of their leaders. Our condition has deteriorated to the point that many brethren not only justify, but also lend strong support that enables such leaders to strengthen their hold and become more deeply entrenched in their wrong practices. This is not a small thing before God, and He holds both the supported and supporter responsible."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", Dec 1998

"For some, lying is apparently justifiable if it is deemed to be for the greater good of an organization, for unity, or for the sake of 'the Work.' Some abdicate all responsibility saying it is not our place to judge our leaders, regardless of their actions. Of course, complacency is so prevalent that many are unconcerned about lies and either are unable to see them or choose not to see them. Some simply give blind support."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", Dec 1998

"Please don't misunderstand, I do not consider myself above them, nor am I speaking out of resentment. I am speaking out of my own shame and heartache for what I have done in my weaknesses as well."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", Jan 1999

Where the heck is more of this? Where did this Ron Weinland go?

I don't terribly much enjoy posting this stuff. I prefer a more civilized approach to blogging. There's something uncomfortably negative about this. Even so, I feel it has to be done. People need access to this information. I have probably one more post that I want to do in this vein. I just came across an old sermon that RW gave years ago, right before he kicked out half the Toledo congregation. I found it interesting. Then, I seriously hope to return to a more 'comfortable' format.


Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

From Weinland's bio on ""

Although the Church of God has not been accustomed to having a prophet for nearly 1900 years, God made him a prophet in 1997.

Makes the Newswatch quotes even more ironic.

xHWA said...

Boy howdy!
It illustrates the deception. Even though when I read the words they sound great and in theory I would agree with them, I know he didn't mean what he said.

But what's even more odd to me is that he's a historical revisionist. Take for example the 'Jesus as a created being' teaching he's all fired up about now. Back 10 years ago, he almost disfellowshipped a man for mentioning it. He was very much against it. But you listen to what he says currently, and he'll say he's believed that teaching since the 1970's or some such time. I call B.S. on that!
Just like most other things he's saying now. I need neoprene chest waders just to listen to him.