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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Happy to be Free

Got nothing to blog about right now. Just happy to be free from Armstrong. I've been so wrapped up in this whole election thing that I haven't been blogging.

I've been out for over 2 months now. None of my old church members has contacted me. I sent an email to my old minister and he wrote back asking to see my paper on tithing that I mentioned in an earlier post. that was back on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. He hasn't contacted me since (or before). Well, I wouldn't expect anyone to. After all, I'm the deceived enemy now, and they are missing me and praying for me to come to my senses and return. "Be warmed and fed!"

I've been reading "The Babylon Connection" by Ralph Woodrow. It was a simple book, but I 100% recommend it for all who even entertain the idea that Alexander Hyslop and his book "The Two Babylons" could be factual. I think I'll post a book report on that soon. I also have a nice project in the works on salvation from the Armstrong perspective. I've written to many of the most popular splinters and asked them to tell me what sets them apart. I was a little set back by the responses. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Well the Scriptures are the facts, and they are given in such a way that the outcome of things is not about the secular world.
It is about what happens in the apostasy that is prophesied to happen, and that happens in the church that is now in the spiritual wilderness of the world. God is not working with those who blow their own horn and forget to listen for His, which happens in the world of conflicting religiions and sects.
God wants an individual relationship with real people, not playing second fiddle to a wannabe guru. We can each find that without anything but His Word(Matt.7:7)and spending time with Him

brother Michael said...

By God's grace I was delivered from the WCG cult and now understand that salvation is a gift given by God's grace alone. I could write much about how the Lord delivered me from the WCG but that is not the intent of my post.

First, I greatly appreciate your site and the teaching towards those still holding to the law as their means of justification before God. If one seeks to be justified by the law and not by Christ Jesus and his finished work, then they have believed another (i.e. a Galatian) gospel and sadly are lost lest they repent and truly believe on the Lord Jesus.

I do not agree though with the conclusions of Ralph Woodrow's book re. Bablyon and Rome. Here, I have done a lot of study on Roman doctrine (I once was a RC) and even did a detailed study of the Christ-Mass (see x-mass article at In truth the RC religion indeed has inherited much from Babylon, and Rome and the Greeks and many other pagan religions as she melded with the pagan cultures around her.

One simple example is goddess worship. That done in so many of the pagan cultures where many such examples are quoted in Scriptures. Diana of the Ephesians, Asherah and of course the Queen of Heaven. Many more were the names she donned such as Demeter, Cybel, Isis, etc. A tradition sadly continued in Rome as they worship one in the same - the Queen of Heaven whom they are deceived into thinking she is Mary.

Well - I'm short on time but blessings to you.

xHWA said...

Thank you very much, brother Michael, blessings and peace to you from our Lord, and thanks for your input.

I liked Woodrow's book but that doesn't mean everyone has to agree with me. I try hard not to tell people what they have to do as Christians. I just tell them what I know and let their own faith do the rest.
I briefly would say, in Woodrow's defense, he does admit several times in his book that the RC church has picked up multiple ideas from paganism around the world - but his beef was with the shoddy (I would say disgraceful) logic behind Hyslop and his book. What Hyslop says is the sum total of Catholicism is of Babylonian origin. That is patent nonsense. Woodrow, admitting many pagan origins, makes no attempt to explain where the traditions do come from, but he concentrates on exposing the ridiculous methods Hyslop used to obtain his conclusions. Things, I add, the COGs base a great amount of their teachings on even to this day.
I'll get into that in my book report, though.

Thanks for the link to your study. I'll read it as soon as I can.

There are many people in the COGs who feel if they leave Armstrongism they must almost by default begin keeping Christmas. That is simply not true! I have no condemnation for people who keep Christmas, but as a personal belief I do not and will not. There is no reason people should feel they have to, either. there can be a wonderfully fulfilling New Covenant life after Armstrongism that does not include Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe some just go out and eat pork, shellfish, keep Christmas, just to make up for what they were "missing". It's like a feast on freedom thing.
As for me, I will probably never keep Christmas, although I won't feel guilty about buying someone a present if I so desire.
There is so much more I missed out on besides those things. Like the true meaning of freedom.

Bill said...

If you really want to mess with the minister's mind over tithing, mention how they teach the law remains inviolate down to jots and tittles as per Mt. 5:17, then ask how it is they altered the tithing law way beyond jots and tittles.

Bill Hohmann