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Sunday, September 7, 2008

HWA lvs EGW 4->

What a doozy of a study time I've had this evening last.  I can't tell you how blown away I am by history.  I love history... the REAL history.  (I put 'real' in caps so y'all know I'm a real former Armstrongist.)

HWA's greatest influence was G. G. Rupert.  I know that A. N. Dugger had a powerful and direct influence on HWA, but that influence seems to have pointed HWA in the direction of Rupert. Only thing is, I never saw the connection between HWA and Ellen G. White before.  I didn't see the connection because HWA went to great lengths to hide any connection to the SDA church.  I suppose I still have much to learn.  That only works to excite me more!

It would appear that Ellen G. White is the Terminator to HWA's T-1000. She was a prototype in almost every conceivable way.  I don't want to overstate anything; there were differences.  But Ellen G. White was a dress rehersal indeed.  I like to think that Ron Weinland isn't half the man HWA was.  No, really.  Everything RW does, he does because he saw HWA do it first, but RW can't claim half the success HWA achieved.  HWA did it best; but he wasn't the first.  Ellen G. White was the first.
I don't know about you, but I'm thinking about a cage match!

I don't know how HWA was influenced by her - directly, indirectly through Dugger or Rupert, or academically through books and histories, or what.  But, sometimes some things are so similar there is no way they are unrelated.  I will try to show more on those similarities in my upcoming posts about the 50 truths.

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Purple Hymnal said...

"It would appear that Ellen G. White is the Terminator to HWA's T-1000."

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