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Friday, September 5, 2008

Scattered vs. Split

There is a condition extant in the xCOGs, that of believing they are scattered.  This is in response to a prophecy of scattering (ZECH. 13: 7) "Strike the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered".  However, Jesus Christ claims this verse is about Him, and not about Herbert Armstrong (MATT. 26: 31; JOHN 16: 32).

Biblically speaking, scatterings aren't just a church split, or even many splits.  Scatterings aren't just HWA dies and now the WCG has broken up into the xCOGs.  Do any Bible search on the word "scatter".  It will show you what I mean.  A scattering is when something is thrown all around and carried far away.  When a church splits, people aren't carried away across the earth. Most people find a different building a few miles away.  That isn't a scattering!

Seed is scattered (ISA. 28: 25; MARK 4: 26).
Enemies are scattered (NUM. 10: 35; PSA. 18: 14; 68: 1; 89: 10).
Wind is scattered (JOB 38: 24; JER. 18: 17).

These are scatterings!  Like a crowd running from a disaster - that is a scattering.  Now, who was the object of the scattering, and why?  Was it HWA and his WCG?  I think I can conclusively prove it most certainly was not.  It was Israel!

Israel was scattered across the earth throughout the nations (DEU. 4: 27; PSA. 44:11; JER. 30: 11; JER. 50: 17; EZE. 12: 15; 17: 21; 20: 23; JAS. 1: 1).  The Tower of Babylon was recorded as a prophecy of this very thing (GEN. 11: 1-9).

God used Israel's enemies to do the scattering (JER. 18: 17; 50: 17; ZECH. 1: 18-21).

God sent them away for their disbelief and sins (DEU. 28: 64; I KING. 14: 15; NEH. 1: 8).  The faithlessness of the people is the direct responsibility of their terrible religious leaders (JER. 23: 1; EZE. 34: 5-6; NAH. 3: 18; JOHN 10: 12).  This scattering is a punishment, but it is for the good of Israel (EZE. 22: 15; 36: 19; ZECH. 13: 9). 

(JER. 9: 16) even says a sword is drawn against Israel in their scattering; this is directly in line with (EZE. 5: 2, 12; 6: 8 and ZECH. 13: 7-9 and LEV. 26: 33).  

This is not referring to the WCG!  This is referring to ancient Israel!  But those in the xCOG say "Look, the scattering is at the end."  But, no.  The truth is that the scattering was several hundreds of years ago, and the gathering back is at the end (DEU. 30: 3; EZE. 11: 17; 20: 34, 41; 34: 12; JOE. 3: 2).  
The question then becomes, "When is "the end"?  No man knows.

Herbert Armstrong was fond of dualism in prophecy.  I still see duality all over in prophecy, even though I have no faith in Herbert Armstrong.  There is a duality to the scattering.  Unfortunately for those who would love the tithes of innocent Christians, it isn't in our day.  If Zecheriah 13: 7 is the start of the scattering, and Jesus claims He is that Shepherd, then there was the scattering of the Church, in His day (ACT. 8: 1).  The scattering of the newly-founded Church is the duality.

As another duality, God promised Israel that a remnant would be saved from among the Gentiles.  He promised He Himself would be their protection (EZE. 11: 16).  I have come to believe this referred, at least in part, to the coming of Christ, and the very few Messianic Jews who heeded Jesus' gospel are the remnant saved out. At first, there were no more than 120. That is certainly a remnant!

So, for all of those who still labor undert the difficult burden of misinterpreted prophecy, please listen to the Bible and let it explain itself.  Please take a second look at the idea that Herbert Armstrong was a great prophet and Apostle.  I know it is difficult, believe me!  I'm there only a few steps ahead of you.  Turn to Christ, ask Him to open your eyes and heart.  Request the truth from Him; no matter how it may hurt.  Then, step into the light of the New Covenant.

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